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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

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It hasn’t been too many years in the past that when your sewer line rusted it out, you got a shovel and started digging yourself. However, depending on how deep your basement was and how deep the sewer pipe under the street was, you could be digging a trench 8 to 12 feet deep. That’s not an easy task for anyone in some houses sit quite a distance away from the street. In addition to that, any trench that’s deeper than 4 feet deep is at risk of caving in and suffocating you faster than anyone else could possibly do you out.

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After That, Backhoes Were the Way to Go

Once the modern backhoe was invented, they pretty much took over the trench digging business for good. A backhoe can dig a hundred-foot trench 10 feet deep in just a few hours without endangering human lives because of cave-ins. Even though they cost more money for the job, they are quick and efficient.

One huge disadvantage of the regular trench method of replacing your sewer line is that over the years many sidewalks, driveways, and gardens have been installed over the sewer lines that run deep underground. When a new sewer line needs to be installed the trench through your front yard will almost always ruin at least some of your gardens and sidewalks.

It is possible, in some cases, to dig a trench on each side of the sidewalk and then use a human with a shovel to go under the sidewalk the short distance needed, but it’s not always possible and increases the risk of a cave-in accident.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement Can Solve Many of the Problems

When the trenchless machine is brought to the project, the two things that need to be done are to dig a hole at each end of the sewer pipe, one near the street and one near the home. Then what is called the pulling machine will be put on one end from where it will pull a new pipe through the old pipe, from beginning to end.

The new pipe is flexible and follows the old pipe under the ground, and no surface trench is needed, thus eliminating the need to ruin sidewalks, driveways, flowerbeds and lawns. While the trenchless method is far more appealing in most cases, it will also cost considerably more than the regular trench and replace method.

However, if you consider the cost of repairing your cement work, lawn, and gardens, then sometimes going with the trenchless machine works out to be a bargain. Not to mention the amount of time involved in doing all of the work from start to finish. In some cases, like with large trees and other landscaping elements, there is no price value to replace them as they sometimes take 60 to 80 years to grow.

If you are in need of getting your sewer line replaced, there are now more options available than at any time in the past. You should get several different estimates from different kinds contractors offering different services, ask plenty of questions to know all the facts so you can weigh the prices of each kind of service and the cost of replacing all the above ground elements.

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