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Why Pipe Relining May Be A Better Alternative To Sewer Line Replacement

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How to Handle a Burst Sewer Pipe

When you find out that your exterior sewer pipes have a crack or have joints that have become unsealed you may think you need a sewer line replacement. This can be expensive and time consuming, however, there is an alternative. Many times sewer pipes that have damage can actually be relined as an alternative to replacing the entire pipe. This can save you time and money, making it a great option to extend the life of your existing pipes.

How Pipe Relining Works

When sewer pipes become cracked due to tree root infestation or corrosion over the years, in the past they needed to be pulled out and replaced. Pipe relining is an option in many cases where the pipes are still in place but just has minor cracks and damage. The idea is to reline the existing pipe with a seamless Cured-In Place Pipelining that will basically give the pipe a new interior.

budget sewer workers pipe relining

The process involves digging a small access hole at one end of the existing pipe. The liner is inserted into the pipe and expanded to fill the inside of the pipe. The liner contains a resin that is cured during the process to adhere to the interior of the pipe, creating a new lining. This can be done on just a small area of pipe that needs repair or can reline the entire pipe, depending on the extent of damage.

Advantages To Pipe Relining:

There are many advantages of relining your sewer pipes versus replacing them. First and foremost in most property owner’s minds is the cost savings. Relining is much less expensive than replacement and can extend the life of your pipes for many years to come. In addition, there are some other benefits beyond the cost savings:

  • Faster. Relining is a fairly quick process, much faster than replacing your sewer pipes.
  • Effective. The new liner is seamless and will not corrode or rust like most pipe materials. This will reduce the chance of future leaks and cracks from tree roots and corrosion.
  • Versatile. Pipe relining can be used on up to 120′ of pipe and can be used on many types of pipes. It can even be used on pipes with up to 90-degree angles or bends.

If you find that you are in need of sewer pipe repair or possibly replacement, find out whether pipe relining is an option. The experts at Budget Sewer do all types of repairs, replacement and offer pipe relining as an option as well. We have been servicing the Seattle area for over ten years and are Registered Side Sewer Contractors. Give us a call today to find out if we can save you, time and money with a pipe relining service.

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