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Reline Your Sewer Pipe and Save Time, Money and Interruption

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A sewer breakdown is not only costly and inconvenient; it can cause foul odor and even contamination of your home or business. There are signs you can look for to know if sewer pipes are in need of repair or replacement well before they get clogged, break or crack.

If preventative maintenance and inspections are completed, often you can reline sewer pipes before they break, avoiding interruption in service as well as saving you money.

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When It’s Time to Reline Your Sewer Pipe

Unfortunately, many people wait for a sewer pipe to burst or begin leaking before calling in a professional. Just like any system, sewer lines need to be maintained and inspected regularly to keep them in good working order, and to fix small issues before they become large problems. Scheduling an annual inspection, especially on older sewer pipes, is prudent in order to avoid breaks.

Annual sewer line checkups using a video camera inspection like Budget Sewer performs can identify possible problems within the sewer lines. It can show root infestation, clogs, breaks and offset pipes that can cause future problems.

In some cases, you may only need your sewer pipes cleaned to remove roots and clogs, however, if there is damage to your pipes, a relining may be your best option.

budget sewer workers sewer pipe maintenance

Relining Versus Replacing

Relining your sewer pipes can give new life to your sewer lines and fix many common issues without the cost of replacing your pipes. To reline sewer pipe, a Cured-in-Place Pipelining is inserted into one end of the sewer pipe and is expanded using pressure to fill the existing pipe, up to 120′ in length.

Once in place, the liner is heated to cure the resin on the exterior of the lining to the interior of the pipe. This creates a smooth, seamless lining that fills cracks, offsets and other issues that could cause future sewer breaks, leaks and interruptions of service.

In most cases, relining sewer pipe is much more cost-effective than replacing it and has the same effect. The new lining is durable and will add many years to the existing sewer pipes. Since it is seamless, it will not allow tree root invasions and will not offset like traditional pipe.

In addition, a pipe relining is faster and less invasive than a pipe replacement, only needing a small access hole to insert the pipe lining, with no trenches required.

The first step in avoiding a sewer breakdown is to schedule an inspection of your pipes. Budget Sewer can do a video inspection of your pipes and also offer pipe relining as well as emergency repairs and replacement if needed. We are Registered Side Sewer Contractors and have been servicing the Seattle area for over ten years. Call us today to schedule your inspection and to discuss pipe relining service.

Save $25 on Sewer Inspections

Whether you are a buying a home or are an established home owner, sewer inspections are a valuable service that help you detect and avoid problems in your sewer.

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