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Sewer Cleaning Maintenance in Seattle, WA and Nearby Areas

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When a sewer emergency happens, no homeowner wants to wait to get it fixed. Not only can the malfunctioning sewer cause extreme odor and an unpleasant situation, it can also cause damage to the home and property. Whatever the issue, Budget Sewer is on call 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to stop the odor and damage caused by sewer problems and get the problem fixed fast.

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When To Do Sewer Maintenance

Most sewer problems do not happen all at once. They usually begin with a partial clog or a cracked pipe that becomes worse over time. Catching these issues before there is a backup or leak that needs immediate attention can be less costly in the long run. Once a sewer is malfunctioning, not only will it need to be quickly repaired, it can also cause additional damage to your home and property.

One way to avoid issues is to have the sewer system inspected every three to five years to ensure that all the pipes are in good working order and have not become damaged or clogged. Budget Sewer provides camera or video inspections to look through the interior of the sewer system and identify issues before they become larger problems. This is especially useful on older Seattle homes that may have clay pipes that can crack and slowly deteriorate, allowing water to seep in and out, damaging the pipe further.

Sewer Cleaning

Often pipes become partially clogged or corroded over time from debris and grease that has become lodged in the pipe walls. If pipes become completely clogged, it can lead to bursting pipes, backed up sewer water and leaks in the home. An alternative to replacement is to have pipes cleaned out using hydrojetting. By using high-powered water streams, the inside of the pipes are cleared of debris and small roots that have worked their way into the pipes.

Signs Sewer Cleaning Maintenance Is Needed

Beyond preventive inspections and cleanings, there are signs that it may be time to give Budget Sewer a call. Since sewer problems usually begin small and become larger over time, if they can be fixed when they begin, it can save the money and stress a full-blown sewer emergency would cause. Some signs that a sewer may need maintenance are:

  • Drainage issues
  • Foul odors
  • Sink holes or water logged areas in yard
  • Backup water coming in low drains such as basement floor drains

Many sewers can seem to be working fine, even when they are actually only working at 50% or less capacity. It can save homeowners thousands of dollars to have sewer maintenance performed rather then waiting for a major problem to occur.

Budget Sewer has been a trusted part of the Seattle community for over ten years and can perform any sewer maintenance that is needed. We offer free estimates and can do a full diagnostic examine on your sewer system for preventive maintenance. We also are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any problems that arise. Call us at (206) 381-1904 to schedule a maintenance appointment.

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    Whether you are a buying a home or are an established home owner, sewer inspections are a valuable service that help you detect and avoid problems in your sewer.

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