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Sewer Line Repair – Trenchless Or Traditional?

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Sewer lines are essential for the removal of waste water from a home and its many bathrooms, kitchens and other utility rooms. These are pipelines that are laid underground and to a slope that enable the waste water to be conveyed to municipal sewers or septic tanks or other disposal facilities. These pipes are vulnerable to clogging, breaking or developing leaks that do call for the need to lay new pipes or repair old ones.

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In traditional methods of repair, this work requires exposing the old pipe and will demand the digging of trenches that can often render the area around them unusable till the trenches are backfilled again. It can often lead to the dismantling of paved surfaces, lawns, gardens or other parts of a landscape in a property. Once the repairs are completed, the area has to be restored to its original conditions, and quite often this can be a costly affair that can cost much more than the actual repairs to the sewer pipes.

Technologies have been developed that allow such repairs or even the laying of new pipes to be carried out without digging up any trenches. Equipment is lowered into manholes and drills through to the adjoining manhole while it also pulls along a pipe to connect the two manholes. It enables work to be carried out without disturbing the landscaping or any structures that fall within the alignment of the sewers. It is a very useful technique to use for repairs or laying of new pipelines on roads and other places that have a constant movement of traffic. The work is carried out with a minimum of disturbance to the surface and thus allows traffic as usual.

Repairs to sewers can also be performed by using seamless polyethylene pipes that will be laid inside the old pipe with a minimum disturbance of its overall area so that the carrying capacity remains almost the same. Seamless pipes eliminate joints, and this also helps in future. Joints are vulnerable to roots of trees. In many cases, they are the reason for the damage to the pipe that has required its repairs. The pipes also allow sewage to flow smoothly and make up for any reduction in area, because of the smoothness of their inside surfaces.

The traditional method of laying or repairing sewers will require disruption of the activities on that alignment and dismantling of any surfaces. This disruption is avoided in the trenchless method of installing sewers. Costs of redoing the surfaces at times can be quite high and in such cases, trenchless work can become economical. There is a cost involved in the hiring of the equipment, and this must be weighed before any decision is taken. The convenience and quite often the speed of carrying out the work can be other factors that will come into consideration.

Get a professional plumber to examine your sewers in detail, and judge the work that is required to be carried out. They will be the best judges and make the right efforts to complete your repair or installation work.

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