Paul Honeyman from Budget Sewer provides fast service. When I was looking for a bid, he returned my call faster than anyone else and came over the same day. He was able to begin the work within a week. He finished the job in three days. I had plumbing almost the entire time he was working. His price was approximately $1500 less than the next highest bid. And, he seemed genuinely concerned about me and what would work best for me and my schedule and was willing to work around that. He’s a gem. I’m so glad I can give you my highest recommendation.”


Excellent service and price, Feb 1 2009

We called Budget Sewer to clear a blocked up line. The owner and his helper were able to fit us in quickly and were right on time. They cleared out our floor drain and explained how to prevent blocks in the future. It was a messy job but Mr. Honeyman got it done and left the basement spic and span. He ran a camera down the the sewer pipe and showed us EXACTLY where we have a break in the sewer line. He burned a DVD for us to show the city. He has saved us thousands of dollars. We’ve never had such good service or advice before and Mr. Honeyman’s price was the most competitive by far. THANK YOU!