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3 Things Your Sewer Repair Man Would Like To Tell You

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No one likes to think much about their sewer or how it works – until it doesn’t! Like most things about your home, sewers in Seattle and other parts of the country need to be maintained and inspected on a regular basis. If you ignore it, you’re bound to run into problems when you least expect it; the repair work can be costly and unpleasant. With a bit of planning and knowledge, though, you can have a system that works when you need it. Here are three things your sewer repairman would like to tell you:

Pay attention the age of your system

Everything ages and sewers are no exceptions. Even with regular maintenance and inspections, once a sewer has reached the end of its lifespan it will need to be replaced. Generally, the lifespan of a sewer is 40 years. At the first sign of trouble, many people enlist the help of a sewer repairman so they can conduct a sewer video inspection in Seattle (or anywhere else in the country). This inspection will give insight into how old the sewer is, the condition of the pipes and if there are any clogs to be aware of. A complete replacement may be needed if the repairman finds that the piping is damaged, even though it may be less than 40 years old.

Pay attention to your tree roots

Trees can create warm shade, and offer a beautiful view, but the tree roots can cause severe damage to sewers and pipes. In fact, trees are cited as one of the most common problems for pipes and sewers. Unfortunately, drain cleaning will not solve the issue. Roots can spread and grow around pipes and could even crush them. If they grow directly into the pipe, backups and clogs could be the result. Ideally, sewer lines should be placed more than 10 feet away from trees to minimize the risk of root intrusion.

There is good news, though. If you replace your pipes and sewer system using Trenchless Sewer Repair in Seattle, your system will be able to resist chemicals, deflect tree roots and will have a lifespan of more than 100 years, with proper care and maintenance.

Be aware of cracked or collapsed lines

This is another major cause of sewer and pipe problems. Lines that have cracks in them or that are collapsed can require major repairs, and you may have to end up digging your yard. If your sewer video inspection in Seattle reveals this type of problem, make sure you get it fixed in an expedient manner. Also, it’s important to ensure that the repair contractor provides no dig technology.

Thanks to sewer video inspection in Seattle and other areas, it is a fairly quick and easy process of finding out what’s happening with your sewer and pipes. Decades ago, it was very difficult to determine where the piping led, what condition it was in, and what was clogging the system. With today’s technology, you can get a definitive answer within just a few minutes.

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