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Top 4 Reasons Video Camera Inspection Is Important To Maintaining Your Sewer

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The summer months are prime for numerous sewer problems because plant roots are thirsty for water and get to the extent of penetrating sewer lines. Heavy rains and storms can also aggravate your sewer problems. It is for this reason that sewer lines need regular maintenance so as to function properly. Blockages, structure collapse, and deterioration, are potential risks. When inspecting sewer systems, aqueducts and pipe systems, video camera equipment offers significant benefits. If you are still in doubt, here are four reasons why you should change your mind and consider a video camera inspection on your sewer.

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Video Camera Inspection is Efficient

With the technological advancements witnessed in video and recording, surveying sewer lines have never been easier and more efficient. Video cameras give a real-time footage and can record continuously for a number of days. For instance, push cameras can be lowered in mainlines and then squeezed into laterals for better viewing. These cameras are advantageous because of their small size which makes them ideal for use in pipes smaller than six inches.


Another reason why video camera inspection is important to maintaining your sewer is because of its accuracy. Drainage and blockage issues can result in extensive damage if they aren’t repaired on time. Video camera inspection offers you the ability to view, record and analyze a sewer problem in a precise manner. With video camera inspection, you will benefit from digital documentation and storage of your recorded feed. Besides, cameras with high zoom capabilities, powerful LEDs and increase sensitivity make it possible for you to see further and clearer. In addition to that, video camera inspection offers additional scanning options such as laser dimensional scanning and side scan imaging which can give you a detailed image of any defects or damage on your sewer line.

Flexibility and Versatility

Video camera inspections can be utilized to identify an array of issues with blockages and damage being the most common issues. Clogs can be as a result of food leavings, litter scraps, yard debris and sanitary products. Misaligned and broken pipes can also cause serious drainage problems. In addition, video camera inspections can be used for purposes of finding old channels and missing items. With the wide range of options, video camera equipment enables you to view the whole scope of the sewer system you are surveying.

Cost Effective

Video camera inspection is essential for pipeline system managers. Being a method of non-destructive inspection and testing, operators can conduct all the necessary inspections fast and leave the sewer pipes as intact as they were. Besides, video cameras are easily portable thus very little manpower is needed. A video camera also gives detailed information about the sewer lines thus saving time that would have been used in guessing the problem. This allows the inspection crew to focus entirely on the maintenance required.

There is no doubt that video camera inspection is the way to go if you need your sewer maintained. In addition to the reasons above, video camera inspection is absolutely safe and does not put you at any risk of injury.

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