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Top 3 Problems Summer Brings To Your Sewer System

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Every house relies on the sewage systems that helps move their waste from toilet and sinks. There are many types of sewer systems that exist starting from the late 17th century up to the present. These types are Combined Sewers, Separate Sewers, Simplified Sewers, Solid free sewers, Pressurised sewers, Vacuum sewers, and Open channel drains. Even though these systems have different structures, they still have the same function, which is to treat wastewaters and discharge them to the big bodies of water.

There are many issues that can arise during the summer season which can be described in 4 major problems.

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1. Extensive stench

During drought of waters in the sewage tanks, there is a chance that no water will flow and all waste will become stuck. Without proper maintenance of sewage, there is a chance that waste will block the water pipes and will create an undesirable offensive smell since it combines all waste from every town and city. By the time water from heavy rain comes, the sewer will overflow and that can lead to floods with the stench of waste and other unwanted materials. Once the flood flows into the cities, it can takes days or weeks to fix.

2. Health Problems

When the time the extreme stench spill during dry season will lead to microbiological air pollution since there’s a small amount of water flowing inside these sewers will drastically affects the health of people around the sewage systems. Most affected people will lose appetite, lack of sleep, lung diseases and allergies. Some of the people living near sewers can build cancer and extreme diseases. The case of stench and water overflow will also provoke insects and rodents to spread out carrying viruses to people. Animals can also lead to death and other lives stocks will reduce drastically.

3. Infrastructure damages and Environment issues

Environment and Infrastructure can also lead to huge damage. Summer season gives plants a hard time in getting water resources, that’s why some plants and trees get water from sewers. Due to the infrastructure of the sewer system, most of their water systems are underground leading the roots to look for water in these pipes. If the roots reach your water sewage, it will block the water pipes and break down the barrier, which can cause leakage and malfunctioning of the systems. It will technically cause overflowing of waste into your yard and cost you a ton to repair. It is best to have your sewer system inspected at least once a summer, so that the professionals can tell you if you are going to have any problems and fix them ahead of time.

These are just a few of the problems that you can encounter during the summer with your sewer pipes.

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