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Top 3 Reasons To Use Pipe Relining For Sewer Pipe Repair

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A blocked or damaged pipe is normally a huge cause of uproar for many homeowners. This kind of problem can cause damage to property and even compromise the health of those living in the home. What’s even worse is that a blocked sewer pipe can bring problems with authorities when not controlled. In the past decades, pipe replacement was the only way to address issues of blocked pipes. However, trenchless pipe repair or pipe relining is a new approach that is gaining much ground as a method of rectifying sewer problems.

Pipe relining is a method of solving sewer problems where a newer pipe, smaller in diameter is fitted into an existing one making it possible to repair faulty pipes with great ease. This method eliminates the need for excessive digging. There are a number of reasons why homeowners should consider pipe relining for their next sewer pipe repair. Read through this article for insight on the top three reasons to utilize pipe relining for sewer pipe repair.

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Less Cost Intensive

When compared to traditional methods of sewer pipe repair, pipe relining is far much less cost intensive. This is because traditional sewer pipe repair methods required significant excavation and digging hence a lot of labor is required. Besides, labor hours are not offered as a free service so you will have a lot of labor costs to incur. Also, you will have to purchase materials to be used for the repair and also pay to have the damaged landscape fixed. Pipe relining involves less digging and as a result, fewer disruptions will be involved, and very little money will be used. Besides, the cost of the tube required for pipe relining is just a fraction of what you would have spent to buy new pipes for a complete sewer system.


Many homeowners argue that traditional methods of pipe repair give them more peace of mind because defective pipes are replaced with new pipes but at the same time, pipe relining assures similar durability or even much more. In pipe relining, old pipes are not excavated. A tubing is inserted in the old pipe and then inflated. This means that your sewer system shall be composed of double pipes which means that you will enjoy dual protection.

Time Saving

Another reason why pipe relining is increasingly becoming a preferred option for pipe repair is the pace with which the repair work gets done. In the past years, a homeowner would have to wait for a number of days or even weeks to get the repair work done which is understandable considering the amount of excavation required. However, with pipe relining, the job is carried out in a speedy yet effective way. In fact, it is possible to have the job completed in a single day which is absolutely impressive.

If you are still wondering why many people are opting for this method of pipe repair, you have your answers above. Pipe relining is the new approach to repairing defective sewer pipes, and its benefits are second to none.

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