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Trenchless Sewer Repair In Seattle - Top Tips For Maintaining Your Sewer System During The Summer Months

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While summer can be beautiful in Seattle, it can also pose a number of challenges. Seattle rarely sees scorching hot weather, but the increase in temperatures can cause problems. Add in rainfall, and you could have a big headache on your hands.

Thankfully, there are some simple steps you can take to keep your sewer in top condition. While you’ll want to call in experts if you need sewer repair, you can do some basic maintenance work on your own.

Keep these tips in mind if you want to keep your trenchless sewer in great condition:

budget sewer sewer maintenance during summer months

1. Watch What You Pour Down Drains

A lot of people pour any and all liquids down drains. Unfortunately, certain types of liquid, like cooking grease and oil, can cause some big problems for your sewer. In fact, some studies have found that the primary cause of sewer problems is grease.

When you’ve finished cooking, take the time to scrape away the grease and toss it in the trash can. It’ll take a little more effort on your part, but it’ll save you a lot of problems in the long run.

2. Beware of Plants

If you have plants that are located near your sewer, they could be causing problems. The roots of the plant can damage the sewer line.

Try to keep plants like trees and shrubs away from your sewer line. If you already have a plant there, you may want to look into getting it removed.

3. Be Careful When Cleaning Drains

Most people try to take care of a clogged drain themselves rather than calling in someone to fix it. However, a lot of common drain cleaners can cause big problems down the road.

It’s always best to use liquid cleaners rather than crystal ones; crystal can solidify in the sewer. You should also avoid making a drain cleaner your first resort; try to use a snake to take care of the clog instead. You don’t want to cause any unneeded damage to your pipes.

4. Know Who to Call in an Emergency

Sometimes, basic maintenance work won’t be enough. You may encounter a problem that will need to be addressed by experts.

Find sewer repair professionals that specialize in trenchless sewer repair in Seattle. Look for a company that people respect and trust. If a lot of people have given them a great review, you’ll probably be happy with their services.

When you know who you’ll call in an emergency, sewer problems are easier to cope with. Always keep the number of a professional in your phone.

If you follow these four tips, it’ll be far easier for you to keep your trenchless sewer in great condition. Living in Seattle has its challenges, but with a little bit of care, you’ll be able to keep your sewer in excellent condition year round. From repairs to maintenance work, you’ll have everything taken care of.

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