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Top Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Plumbing

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As a homeowner, there are many chores to keep up with around the house, and plumbing is probably not high on your priority list. After all, when you turn the tap you get water on demand, right? When you flush the toilet you are just thankful that the waste is gone and it’s ready for the next use. But, like most things around your home, plumbing and sewer lines need a bit of care and attention if you’re going to keep counting on it to be there for you.

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Quick Fixes

Here are some of the most common plumbing problems for most homeowners and some quick fixes on how to clear them:

  • For a clogged drain: Pour ½ cup salt down the drain, followed by extremely hot water (but not boiling) until the clog is clear.
  • Very little or no water coming from the faucet: Make sure the shut-off valve under the sink is open and plug the drain; unscrew the aerator from the faucet and wash/rinse all aerator parts; put parts back together. Your faucet should have water coming from it now.
  • Pipes exposed to cold air: Wrap the pipes in insulation; this will prevent them from freezing and will lessen your wait for hot water (saving on your hydro bill too!)

Regular Maintenance

If you experience clogged drains often, it’s important not to use chemical drain cleaners. These contain harsh chemicals that eat away at your pipes and over time, can cause extensive damage.

It’s better to hire a plumber to investigate and advise you on any issues so you can take care of them right away. A plumber will likely snake the drain to clear it; if the problem is outside, in your sewer pipes, a sewer inspection professional will have a look at your sewer pipes to let you know what the condition is, and if there are any clogs or issues you need to deal with.

Prevent problems

To help reduce the number of calls to plumbers and sewer professionals, there are a number of things you can do to prevent problems in the future. A few changes in daily habits can go a long way to preserving your plumbing and sewer pipes.

  • Install screens in your kitchen sink and tubs to block larger items and hair from getting stuck in your drain. Clean the screens out regularly and rinse with hot water.
  • Never rinse grease or fat down the drain. Reserve it in a metal container and dispose of it in your composter or garbage.
  • Reduce your water pressure. As nice as it is to have high water pressure, it puts a strain on your pipes and could end up causing a leak. There are inexpensive pressure gauges you can buy from your local hardware store to measure the pressure.
  • Soften your water: Hard water is not only hard on your skin, it’s hard on your plumbing and sewer pipes. Hard water contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, build up inside your pipes and restrict the water flow. Most water softeners use sodium to counteract the effects of the minerals.

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