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Traditional Trenching Vs. Trenchless Pros And Cons

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Sewer repairs and replacements are a large part of a homeowner’s responsibility and expense. No one likes to think about their sewer backing up or clogging, but it does happen, and when it does you need to be prepared.

Today’s technology offers Seattle and surrounding area homeowners more choice when it comes to how their sewer pipes and lines are replaced and repaired. Trenchless sewer repair and traditional trenching are the main choices, and both offer pros and cons.

Traditional trenching in Seattle

After a sewer video inspection in Seattle by a qualified technician, it will be determined whether the sewer pipes need to be repaired or replaced; along with that, the video will determine what sections of pipes need service and exactly where they are located.

Pro: This is typically a less expensive option; with the help of the video inspection, technicians can identify exactly where they need to dig. The time needed to complete the job is less today than in years past

Con: Traditional trenching involves digging up your landscaping and yard and using special equipment that is used to lay pipe and sewer lines. This can cause damage to your yard that can cost you extra money to redo.

Trenchless sewer repairs in Seattle

This method also uses a sewer video inspection in Seattle to determine the exact location of the damaged pipes and sewer lines. These video inspections offer invaluable information for technicians to fix problems quickly regardless of the method used.

Pro: A trenchless sewer repair uses modern technology such as pneumatic pipe bursting in Seattle. This method uses a ‘hammer’ to break and push out the old pipe while laying new pipe in its place. This is a much quicker method and does not require any digging. The result? Your yard is saved from destruction.

Pro: Today’s sewer pipes last much longer than traditional pipes; many will last more than 50 years, and some experts say that with proper care and maintenance they can last up to 100 years.

Con: This method can cost more; however, when you factor in the cost of redoing your landscaping, the cost may equal out.

Con: There are instances where pipes cannot be repaired or replaced using the trenchless method because they are too badly damaged or corroded.

Modern technology has drastically changed the way sewer pipes and lines get repaired and replaced. Trenchless sewer repair in Seattle is a more popular method by far than traditional trenching.

Regardless of the method you choose, always contact a reputable and qualified sewer repair company to complete the work for you. There are several methods of making sure you hire the right company for your needs:

  • Ask friends and family: get some recommendations from friends and family in your area to find out if they’ve used a sewer repair company in the past.
  • Visit several local websites to gather information about the companies and the types of services they offer.
  • Call the companies and ask about their services and prices. If customer service is friendly and courteous, chances are the technician will be too. If not, you may want to look elsewhere.

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