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What Is Pipe Relining And Do You Need A Professional To Do It?

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In the pre-1970s era, a clogged, overflowing, or malfunctioning sewage system was a major catastrophe. An army of plumbers and an array of machinery had to be called in to dig up the entire piping system, locate the problem, and fix it. Technology has come to our rescue over the last quarter century to make life sublimely easier. Now sewage systems can be repaired or fixed by using pipe relining technology with far less environmental damage, in much shorter time, and with fewer resources.

So what is pipelining and how do you carry it out?

Repair without extensive digging

In the conventional method, a damaged pipe has to be dug up and then replaced or repaired. On the other hand, pipe relining doesn’t require trenches and extensive digging. Instead, an inner lining is installed within the existing pipe to get rid of the sewage problem.

Unparalleled strength

The lining is made up of one or the other of various materials like epoxy, silicate, vinyl ester and polyester. Once settled in the pipe, the lining renders a strength that far exceeds the strength of existing PVC pipe replacements. Effectively, what you get is a far stronger new pipe within the existing pipe, which is good to go for decades. There are many companies that have built a professional reputation for pipe relining in Seattle.

Faster, cleaner, cheaper

The process of carrying out a pipe relining is quicker, cleaner, and less expensive than conventional methods of repairing piping systems. Many relining tasks can be completed by a small team and in a matter of hours and not days. If you opt for a pipe relining, you can start using the repaired pipe very soon without inconveniencing the family for an extended period. Another advantage of a pipe relining is that it solves damages in a particular part of the pipe, or the whole pipe section.

Wide range of applications

Pipe relining technology can be used to good effect on a variety of piping systems. You can use pipe relining to repair broken, damaged, or disjointed pipes of varying lengths (going up to 100 meters or more), shapes (including pipes with multiple bends and angles), and diameters (40-300 mm).

If you were to distinguish between a pipe relining and a conventional pipe repair, the best way to do it is to compare the former to a minimally invasive surgery and the latter to an archeological excavation.

Do you need a professional to carry out pipe relining?

Sewer management and repair involves a gamut of problems that have multiple pipe relining solutions. Only a professional will recognize the best solution for your piping problem. One scenario might demand a spot repair, another might require inversion lining, and a third might entail a junction repair. The treatment of the piping system is different for each of these repair methods. These solutions, along with many others, are in the repertoire of professional companies experienced in carrying out pipe relining in Seattle.

Although pipe relining technology has been around for decades, it is continuously evolving with advancing technology. If you want to ensure cutting-edge technology for your pipe relining in Seattle, you need to approach a seasoned service provider like Budget Sewer.

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