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Avoid a Holiday Plumbing Crisis

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Happy Holidays from Budget Sewer!

I’d like to thank all of my customers for choosing Budget Sewer as their trusted sewer repair and replacement servicer. This time of year is one of my busiest as many people have last-minute sewer emergencies that hit at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m always happy to help out. A plumbing crisis is stressful any time of the year, but more so when you’re expecting a house full of guests for a holiday party or big dinner.

To help you avoid a Christmas sewer crisis, I’ve prepared a few tips to keep your plumbing and sewer lines flowing smoothly:

#1 Don’t dump grease

budget sewer bacon grease

Grease can clog your drain and pipes. When you’re doing all of your holiday cooking and have grease as a by-product, don’t pour it down your drain. Instead, get a metal coffee can or other heat-safe container and pour it in there and then dispose of it. If you absolutely must put grease down the drain, run hot water as you dump it and include a squeeze of dish detergent.

#2 Ditch the disposal

While sink disposals generally are a great way to keep food products out of your trash that can smell up your house and take up landfill space, it can also clog your pipes. It’s okay to put veggies, salad, breads and other non-oily products down your disposal, but skip putting any greasy meats and foods down there. Also, don’t put potato or onion peels or turkey skin down the disposal.

#3 Use a basket or strainer

If you don’t have a disposal, definitely get a basket or strainer screen to put in your sink so that food scraps don’t get washed down your drain and cause a clog. Even if you have a disposal, you may want to use a screen during a large holiday get-together rather than risking guests dumping heaps of food down your drains and causing clogs.

#4 Scrape your plates

budget sewer scrubbing dishes

Do a good job of scraping your plates into the trash before you rinse in the sink or place in the dishwasher. If you have grease on the plate, wipe with a paper towel to keep the grease out of your pipes and drains. Even if you have a disposal, if you’re having a big family event or party, you may want to scrape all plates rather than putting mounds of food down your drain.

#5 Turn off your water

If you’re headed out of town and local temperatures will drop to below freezing while you’re gone, consider turning off your water main before you leave to prevent pipes bursting. If temps are dropping, you may also want to turn off your outside water that runs to your hoses and roll up and store your garden hoses.

#6 Check your toilets

budget sewer toilet overflowing

If you’re having company stay over for the holidays or a big party, you don’t want toilet or sink troubles when you’ve got a house full of guests. Troubleshoot these ahead of time by looking for slow drainage. Turn on the water in your sink and see if it drains slower than normal and/or backs up. Check your toilets for slow drainage as well. Read this article for other tips on checking for back ups.

Thanks for choosing Budget Sewer for trenchless sewer repair and replacement services. If you do find yourself with a holiday clog, call me at (206) 381-1904 for help.

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