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5 Reasons to Get a Video Sewer Inspection Before Things Go Bad

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Summer months are prime for sewer problems because tree roots may get more active and penetrate sewer lines. Storms and heavy rains can also aggravate sewer problems as can flushing things down your toilet that you shouldn’t. Abuse of your garbage disposal or putting excess grease down your kitchen drain can similarly cause clogs. Whatever the reason, getting your sewer line checked out at the first sign of trouble can help prevent a major problem that can be messy (and costly) to fix. Here are five reasons to get a video inspection of your sewer – in the Seattle area, Budget Sewer can help.

budget sewer flooded home

#1 If your drains are slow or water pressure is low

Slow drains are a symptom of a brewing sewer problem. It can indicate that you have a clog building up that has not yet blocked your sewer line completely. A video inspection will reveal sludge building up in your pipes so you can get them cleared out before you have a serious backup that makes a smelly mess in your house. Decreased water pressure or flow are also signs of pending problems. Decreased water pressure means that the water comes out with less physical force than it once had. Decreased water flow means that less volume is making it out of your pipes. These can both be signs of a cracked or damaged sewer pipe and can be diagnosed via video inspection.

#2 If you notice overly green spots or a dent in your lawn

A dip in your lawn, even a small one, can indicate that you have a cracked or broken pipe that’s leaching water into the soil and softening it up. This can lead to a dip from small to large that may be spongy when you step on it. A video inspection can reveal cracks and breaks – even minor ones – and prevent water leakage and loss. Sewage and water that seep into your yard from cracked pipes can also nourish the grass by watering your yard from the underside. You may notice areas of thick, rich grass growth or exceptionally green grass. Video inspection will show where there is damage to your sewer pipes that can cause leaks into your lawn.

#3 If there is an odor in your drains

If your sewer lines are stopped up or choked off, sewage can build up in them. This can cause backup in the lines that run to your drains, toilet and sinks and can leave stinky smells because they’re lurking just below the area of the drain you can see. Odors can range from outright foul to musky, wet types of smells. In addition to sewage build-up, smells can be caused by moisture in your walls or floor surfaces caused by pipe problems. Sewer pipe corrosion can cause moisture pockets that can generate mild to noxious odors in your home. You may also notice an odor from soft or lush spots in your lawn (see #2 above). Video inspection can spot these problems before they get worse!

If your water bill increases unexpectedly

One of the biggest clues to a lurking sewer problem is an increase in your water bill. Of course, you can expect seasonal changes in your water consumption. Spring and summer months often see increases in use from watering the lawn, your kids playing outside in the sprinkler or washing your car at home more often when the weather warms up. What should alarm you is a sudden spike in your water bill that can indicate a break in a water or sewer line. Some water utilities offer an alert feature that will email you if you exceed a daily consumption threshold. Combine this with a video inspection when you notice a spike to prevent problems from getting worse.

budget sewer when to do sewer inspection - high water bill

If you’re looking at a home to buy

If you are looking at a home to buy, there’s a potential for sewer problems lurking out of sight that can be costly to repair. This is something you should know before you purchase a home. The older the house, the more urgent it is to get a video inspection before you close on a pre-owned home. If you find sewer problems prior to closing, you can ask the owner to factor sewer repair or replacement cost into the purchase price and adjust it down accordingly. Alternately, they may give you a repair allowance to take care of the problems before the purchase or have the repairs made before it sells. Either way, a video inspection can save you from making a costly mistake in a home purchase.

budget sewer when to do sewer inspection - home inspection

If the sewer video inspection indicates there’s a problem, a trenchless sewer repair is the best way to take care of the problem without disrupting your line. Budget Sewer is the leading trenchless sewer repair expert in the greater Seattle area. We offer emergency services for sewer problems 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Check out our excellent reviews on Yelp, Judy’s Book and with the Better Business Bureau. Call (206) 381-1904 to speak to a sewer repair expert.

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Whether you are a buying a home or are an established home owner, sewer inspections are a valuable service that help you detect and avoid problems in your sewer.

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